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Unexpected Floral Arrangements

Unexpected Floral Arrangements

in Decor | August 15, 2013

Introduce nature’s boldest and most elegant blooms into your home with flower arrangements that make a statement. Creatively inspired vases will bring undeniable sophistication to the table, while unusual color combinations will add a tailored style to your home’s décor.

Vintage Teacup Arrangement

For a sweet, antiqued look, set vintage teacups with flowery, craft-like designs in a row along your mantel. Fill each teacup with an assortment of delicate peonies, violets, daises and other rose-like flora. This sort of arrangement will infuse your space with a glorious garden party feel.

Encnanted Forest arragnement

Capture the otherworldly beauty of an enchanted forest in a bottle with this inspired arrangement. Procure large glass mason jars, and place them inside a metal or woven basket. Then, gather a multitude of wild flowers and herbs, such as rosemary and baby’s breath, to arrange within them. Allow the flora to gently peak out of the vases to bring an ethereal sense of beauty to your front porch.

Green poofs

For a more modern approach to flower arrangements, utilize the color scheme of your home to create a monochromatic color palate that will highlight your flora. Take a minimal, urn-like vase, and within it place daringly bright green ferns, trimmed to perfection. This will allow the bold shape and color of the plant to contrast wildly with the simplicity of its surroundings.

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