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Magical Tea Party

Magical Tea Party Birthday Theme

in Entertaining | August 6, 2013

A fun and fanciful birthday party idea every little girl (and her tea partier friends) will be sure to love.

Tea Party Entrance

Set the mood and allow guests to make a grand entrance by hanging faux curtains (painted on construction roll paper), creating a magical world within your backyard.

Tea Party Sparkling Pink Lemonade Tea Party Cupcake Tree

Pour sparkling libations into potion-like glass bottles to create a sense of mystique. Fill them with sparkling pink lemonade, and then set them on ice with a “drink me” sign. Guests (big and small alike) won’t be able to resist - especially on a hot day.

A tiered cupcake tree will always be a hit, especially when it is outfitted with green buttercream-frosted red-velvet cupcakes. Affix “Eat Me” signs to each cupcake using a toothpick, and swath the tower in ribbons.

Tea Party Table

A boldly set table is always the pinnacle of a well-planned tea party, and yours should be no exception. Set a long table under a draped canopy. Create a sense of whimsy through oversized centerpieces, bouquets of flowers and a grassy table-runner.

Tea Party Guest

Invite each guest to don their tea-party best to imbue the party with a sense of formality. Encourage British accents, pinkies in the air, and absolute silliness.

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